Why the name 'Warrior Poet Clothier'?

People often ask us why the name “Warrior Poet Clothier” and its actually pretty simple. If you take a look in history, warrior poets can be found all over the place, and for thousands of years. It’s the knights. It’s the samurai. It’s all these individuals that as young men we grew up playing and pretending like we were one of them. Having fun all day long. We just felt like there’s a strength to this type of individual. Warrior Poet’s all about being balanced. You hear a lot of times that you’re either a lover or you’re a fighter. We like to say, “Warrior Poet. Be Both.” And we actually put this on every single shirt along with our quill and dagger logo. It’s just another way to remind young men, it’s okay to be warrior and to be poet.

Another reason that we love the name Warrior Poet. is that we’re able to take this old world quality and idea and just blend it together in just a nice, hip, cool way. We always play off the word ‘Warrior’ or the word ‘Poet’ in our designs. And it makes it really fun for the young men to dress up in and have fun. Just like as we did growing up as the knights and the samurai.

We like to say our designs are the most thoughtful and battle tested garments known to mankind. And we just feel like by introducing all of these great ideas from history, we can actually encourage young men to be leaders in our current society.